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Wahab Critises PM Imran

KARACHI: Sindh Government Spokesperson Murtaza Wahab said that the Sindh government was criticised for imposing a lockdown but now Pakistan’s positivity rate has reached 9% now.

“People were saying that the Sindh government is taking decisions in a hurry, they are making wrong decisions and they made fun of us. I would like to ask them if they are satisfied with the current positivity rate? Would they still say the same?”

While speaking to the media on Thursday, he remarked that 60 people have died in the last 24 hours in Pakistan. “These numbers are constantly reminding us how serious the situation is. I will say it again to those who only criticise: we have to prioritise the pandemic.” The government’s policies should focus on saving people from the virus, and the Sindh government is doing exactly that.

On vaccinations, he remarked that more vaccination centers will be opened in Sindh so that people can easily get vaccinated. “The good news is that in 24 hours, 290,000 people have gotten vaccinated. This is a big numner,” he remarked.

A few days ago, people were not comfortable with getting the jab but now the number has increased from 50,000 to 300,000. “I’m really happy to share that in Karachi 150,000 people have gotten vaccinated. This is happening because we have established vaccination centres in many places. We have launched mobile vans for vaccination so that people can get the jab in their neighborhoods.”

I’m thankful to health professional, media and people that they are helping us persuade others to get vaccinated, he added.