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Waiting For Interim PM Names From Khursheed Shah: Kirmani

Islamabad (April 09, 2018): Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Leader and Senator Asif Kirmani said that almost two months have left for the upcoming general elections and if a consensus would not be developed over the interim prime minister than the issue would be resolved by a parliamentary committee or the election commission.

He said that they were waiting for the names from the Opposition Leader in National Assembly Khursheed Shah and said that the masses are understanding the narrative of Nawaz Sharif and the votes would pour down in favour of the PML-N in elections like rain.

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He refused to comment over the former interior minister Chaudhry Nisar and said that he is a senior leader of the party. Criticizing Imran Khan, he said that the language used by Khan do not suit to the stature of national leader.

Before criticising anyone, Imran Khan should first bring his house in order, he said.Moreover, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader from Rawalpindi Hanif Abbasi said that the city belongs to the PML-N and would remain loyal to them.

Speaking to media outside the accountability court, Abbasi said that the yesterday’s show from PTI in which its chief visited the twin cities was a flop show and the Rawalpindi will always remain loyal to PML-N.

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“PTI has no shame in conducting such a miserable show in Rawalpindi and no one from the city came out to welcome the PTI chief,” he said.

He said that as compare to the PTI show, the social media convention from Maryam Nawaz was much bigger than that.“These gatherings should tell Imran that he could not win the upcoming elections and the PML-N would be the victorious party from the city as they are close to the masses and knows the problems faced by them other than khan who comes to the city once in a blue moon.”

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