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Waseem Claims Conspiracy Being Hatched to Divide MQM

Karachi (February 13, 2018): The Mayor Karachi and leader of already trapped in deep crisis and rifts among the high level leadership Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM-P) Waseem Akhter claimed some forces were attempting to divide MQM votes, however they will foil it.

Addressing to local bodies representatives Waseem Akhter became enraged and warned that the people who stopped local bodies representatives to participate in meeting were narrow minded people.

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“Differences and politics is part of democracy, however people should be let free for the service of the people,” he said adding he had not called the local bodies members using political platform, however some of the chairmen stopped by force the step against the people of Karachi.

He appealed Karachi has lot of issues, therefore they should be given space to work for the city.

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