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Water Crisis In Karachi Is Biggest Problem: Farooq Sattar

Karachi(May 30, 2018): MQM-Pakistan Leader Farooq Sattar on Wednesday has said that in the coming days, the biggest problem of the city will be the shortage of water.

Addressing a press conference Farooq Sattar congratulated all the workers of MQM-Pakistan for having won the kite symbol.

“No individual won the symbol,” he said. “It was not in my name, neither was it in the name of Amir bhai.” According to him, the victory belongs to the grass-roots cadre and voters of the party. “It’s our collective victory that MQM-Pakistan won the symbol.”Farooq Sattar on the occasion announced to launch the movement for the South Sindh Province

Farooq Sattar added we minus London from MQM, but now we are being minus, no one is taking notice of MQM protest about the new delimitations, he added.

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