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Water Supply to Karachi Suspended as Dhabeji Pipeline Bursts

KARACHI: Water supply to the city was disrupted again as a main water supply line, supplying water from the Dhabeji pumping station to different parts of Karachi burst due to a sudden electricity breakdown on Saturday.

The damage to the 72-inch-diametre pipeline caused a loss of thousands of gallons of drinking water being supplied to the city while repairing work on the pipeline has not started yet.

The Dhabeji pumping station, which pumps water to around 70 per cent of the metropolis, frequently suffers power breakdowns as a result of which the pipelines burst.

Meanwhile, the K-Electric claimed that it prioritised power supply to KWSB’s strategic locations including its pumping stations at Dhabeji, Pipri, and Gharo.

The electricity supply to the Dhabeji pumping station was swiftly restored, a KE spokesperson said.