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Weather to remain extremely cold in upper areas, Met office

Islamabad: Heavy snowfall and rain expected for next three days in Gilgit Baltistan, Kashmir, Malakand, Hazara division, FATA and in North Baluchistan. While intense fog is likely to impact in plain areas during the hours of night and dawn.
Due to fall in temperature upto – 5 in Quetta, icy winds and soothing weather reigning in Karachi.

According to the Met office, most of parts of the country would remained cold and dry for next 24 hours while rain is expected today in some parts of Malakand divison and Gilgit Baltistan. Heavy snow  is likely to be fall on mountain areas.

Moreover, in Northern areas of country weather is likely to be partially cloudy with light snowfall. The least recorded temperature in country was in Kalam -10, while -5 has been recorded in Astoor, Quetta, Malam Jaba. However, -4 has been recorded in Rawal Kot, Qalat and -3 in Iskardu, Muree and Dalbandin.