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WEB DESK: The “Anthracis Powder” is the kind of ‘bacteria’ that can be spread by food, water or air, its germs can reach the pores of our body and become fatal with initial symptoms fever, cough, headache, vomiting etc.

Anthracis Powder, the bacterium that spreads anthrax, can easily be used as a biological weapon. However, this bacterium is not contagious and is mainly spread among animals, but through food and drink, its germs can reach the pores of our body and become fatal. Even if there is a wound on our skin, Even there they can have an effect and within a short time the life-threatening symptoms of this disease can develop. “Spores” that come into our body with breath enter the disease within seven to ten days. Symptoms begin to appear.

Fever, cough, headache, vomiting, chills, weakness, pain in stomach and chest, difficulty in breathing etc. are its initial symptoms, which last from a few hours to a few days. Then these symptoms may disappear for some time. Other times, these symptoms include shortness of breath, fever with sweat, and blue spots on the skin, resulting in death.

Anthrax spores reach our digestive tract with food and drink and cause symptoms like nausea, bloody vomiting, bloody diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc. 25 to 60 percent of people also die. Its effect on the skin is visible as small pimples

It soon takes the form of an abscess from which pus flows like water. At the time of initial symptoms, it can be diagnosed with an “antibiotic” called “Ciprofloxacin”, but later only this “bacteria” can be destroyed. Not the disease. From the beginning of the 21st century, there was also an attempt to spread the spores of this bacteria in the form of powder through the mail, which terrified the people of America. Smallpox, also known as smallpox, has been notorious as a deadly disease for centuries. Millions of people lost their lives under its influence and many times more people lost their eyes. How many were forced to live a life of ugliness with permanent hideous scars on their faces and bodies