What is Paradise Papers?

What is Paradise Papers?

Web Desk (November 6, 2017): The Paradise Papers is a database comprising around 13.4 million documents, which reveals over 25,000 companies owned by the world’s rich and influential individuals.

The documents were obtained from two companies in Singapore and Bermuda by a German newspaper and shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). A major part of the Paradise Papers comprises leaked files from company ‘Appleby’.

The files reveal data of over 25,000 companies owned by individuals from 180 countries, from 1950 to 2016.

Below is a comparison of Paradise Papers with Panama Papers:

Number of politicians and public officials

Paradise Papers: 127 politicians and public officials (14 current or former country leaders included) from more than 47 countries.Panama Papers: 140 politicians and public officials from more than 50 countries

Which leak is bigger than the other?
Paradise Papers is bigger in number of records (13.5 million in Paradise Papers vs. 11.5 million in Panama Papers) and Panama Papers is bigger in terms of size of the leak (1.4 Tb in Paradise Papers vs. 2.6 Tb in Panama Papers).

It is one of the biggest leaks in the history of journalism instead of the biggest, and then one may also compare some of the different figures related to the data size between Paradise Papers and previous leaks.Journalists in Paradise Papers project
Media partners, countries, journalists

* Number of journalists 381

* Number of media partners 96

* Number of countries 67

If you just consider the number of journalists, yes. There are more journalists working on the Paradise Papers than the Panama Papers at the time of the project release (381 Paradise Papers – 376 Panama Papers).

As for the number of media partners and number of countries, there are a few less. Panama Papers had 100+ media partners and 76 countries. The ICIJ currently has for Paradise Papers 96 media partners and 67 countries.

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