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Whatsapp Fixes An Issue For Android Users

 Web Desk(May 05, 2018): Whatsapp is trialing a feature allowing Android users to save voice messages on the platform.

Previously, if a phone call or battery loss disrupted the recording of a voice clip on an Android phone the message would be lost when you were forced to navigate away from the app.Now, users who use the voice message function, to more conveniently send messages on-the-go, can rest easy as any interruptions will not mean they lose their message.

Simply navigate back to the app and you will find your voice clip intact, stopped at the point you were interrupted.This is a feature that has already been implemented on iOS.

The new feature appeared in an update to the WhatsApp Google Play beta programme, where the company has also been testing the water with new sticker collections lately.

The new sticker function is currently only available to some beta users, but it is expected to be part of a coming WhatsApp update.

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