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WhatsApp Introduces New Group Chat Feature

San Francisco: WhatsApp has introduced another privacy-centric feature a few days ago that gives WhatsApp users more control over who can and cannot add them to group chats.

The feature allows users to select if everyone, all contacts, or specific contacts can add them to group chats. Previously, WhatsApp had an option for users to say nobody could add them to groups. But after some feedback, it decided to fold the functionality to block everyone into the “My contacts except…” option.

People now can send private invites to Whatsapp users for joining the group chats. The user then has three days to accept or decline the invite.

Once you receive the latest app update, you can enable this WhatsApp group chat privacy feature by heading to the app settings. Then navigate to Account>Privacy>Groups. Here, users can select who has the ability to add them to group chats.