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WHO, Health Ministry reject presence of Chikungunya virus in country

World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health have rejected the presence of Chikungunya virus in the country. A statement issued by WHO says that there are no proofs of presence of Chikungunya virus in the country.

In a joint statement about the Chikungunya virus the WHO and the Health Ministry say that the said virus berlongs to the same family as that of dengue and Zika viruses and like dengue mosquito is also the carrier of the virus. Measures similar to that for dengue have to be employed in case of presence of Chikungunya virus.

Referring to unconfirmed news about the spread of Chikungunya virus in Malir area of Karachi the statement termed it lies and misleading. The WHO is investigating the issue along with the provincial heath authorities, the statement added.

It may be mentioned here that the WHO team has declared the measures taken at the federal and provincial levels satisfactory while the relevant information about Chikungunya virus is avaialble on the website of Health Ministry.