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Altaf’s anti-Pakistan speech: Punishing whole community will be wrong: Khuhro

KARACHI:  Sindh Senior Minister for Education Nisar Ahmed Khuhro while speaking in Sindh Assembly on the resolution against Altaf Hussain for August 22’s incendiary anti-Pakistan speech, he said that  it would be wrong to punish the whole community for the anti-Pakistan speech of a single person.

He said that the aides of Altaf Hussain had disassociated themselves from him for the sake of Pakistan.

He said that the provincial government gave importance to MQM’s strike and ministers  visited MQM camp outside KPC and tried to find a middle way to resolve the issue. He said that the August 22 incident was not tolerable for anyone.

Regarding the MQM resolution against the party chief he said that the whole community should not be punished for abusive and incendiary language of a single person.

PTI MPA Khurram Sher Zaman while participating in the debate said that he saluted MQM for presenting resolution against Altaf Hussain. He demanded that Altaf should be tried for treason.

Nusrat Sehar Abbasi of PML-F said that the nation could not forget the day of August 22. He said that there was talks of dividing the province. He declared MQM founder as traitor and action should be taken aganist him.