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Whole nation prays for health and wellness of PM

ISLAMABAD: The whole nation prays for health recovery and wellness, while praying ceremonies and Quran Khwani was held in mosques and madrasas of different cities in Pakistan, whereas prayer ceremonies were also held in Churches and Hindu Council.

The whole nation including family, friends and relatives of PM are worried for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s health and are praying for his early health and recovery. Different prayer ceremonies were held in mosques and Madarasas of different cities for PM’s early recovery, while the prayer ceremonies were also held in Churches for early recovery of PM. Thousands of people prayed for long life and health of Prime Minister during workers convention of PML-N in Muzaffarabad.

People expressed hope that PM will soon return to country after his successful surgery. Besides people also sent best wishes for PM on social media as well.