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Widespread UK Rains Can Disrupt Pakistan vs India Match

MANCHESTER: Widespread rains in England can play spoilsport in much-awaited World Cup encounter between Pakistan and India at the Old Trafford on Sunday.

The rains have already forced four wash-outs in the tournament and several training sessions were also affected by the weather in the UK.

On Sunday, the biggest match of the World Cup, Pakistan vs India, is scheduled to be played at Old Trafford in Manchester. But, rain has threatened to spoil the mood of billions of fans who’re waiting for the action.

According to UK’s met office, there are 50 per cent chances of precipitation at 12pm on Sunday which will be increased to 70 per cent by 1pm.

The forecast further states that chances of rain between 2pm to 5pm are 60 per cent while at 6pm UK time, it increases to 80 per cent.

The weather has already spoiled the teams’ positions in the World Cup and ICC has remained under criticism for not having reserve days for the rain-affected matches.