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Will Expose Modi At Every Forum of The World: PM Imran

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that “I promise that I will expose fascist and anti-Muslim regime of Modi on every forum of the world.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan on arrival to the country today after attending the UNGA where he delivered his historic speech, received historic reception as mammoth of party workers, masses and besides Ministers flocked to Islamabad airport.

The PM in his address thanked the nation over his outstanding reception adding that in a manner the nation prayed for our success that we could present our Kashmiri brethren facing miseries, in a forceful manner at the UNGA.

Prime Minister said that keep in mind that “we are standing with Kashmiris irrespective of the World stands with it or not we are standing with Kashmiris adding that we are standing with them so that we want to please the God.”

Indian army has lockdown as many as eight million of Kashmiris in a curfew he said, adding that “I wanted that people could understand that bad or good both times come while you should not be disappointed in the bad time, you don’t have to be disappointed as Kashmiris are looking towards you for help until you are standing with Kashmiris they will continue to struggle and God willing they will win independence.