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Will Fight For Justice Till Last Sigh: Asif Saeed Khosa Vows

ISLAMABAD: The incoming chief justice of Pakistan, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa vowed on Thursday that he would fight for the justice till the last sigh of his life as Baloch blood was circulating in his veins

“As Chief Justice, I will try my best to remove hurdles into a way to the provision of just and will pay off the credit of long pending cases by taking them speedily,” he said

Addressing a full court reference held to commemorate the retiring chief justice Mian Saqib Nisar, Justice Khosa stated once he holds a charge as the CJP, suo moto actions will be held as a last resort when no other plausible solution can be figured out.

Stating the court will be establishing constraints for suo moto powers, he went on to add: “The authority to take suo motu action will only be used sparingly and for significant national matters.”

Moreover, Justice Khosa also assured to keep out military intrusion in matters relating to the public while also vowing to increase the swiftness of delivery of justice in civil courts.

He went on to point out that in order for the country to move towards improvement, there needs to be a unity among all institutions as well as a requirement for a dialogue to take place when an institution steps into the confines of the other.

The incoming CJP who will be taking charge on Friday stated that there is also a mounting necessity for a deliberation on the charter of governance under the guidance of the country’s president.