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Will Not Bow Down to Threats: Chairman

MULTAN: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Chairman Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal on Thursday warned that anti-graft watchdog will not come under threats and those who looted money should ready to face the law.

Addressing the cheque distribution ceremony held in Multan, chairman NAB criticised the “Socrates and Plato” who term the NAB law as a “black law”, saying that people criticise the institution without knowing anything about it.

Without naming anyone, Iqbal said: “Many Socrates and Plato have come to life who have never read the NAB law but still criticise and call it a ‘black law’.”

“A vicious propaganda” is being spread against NAB but declared that nothing would stop the anti-corruption bureau from doing its job,” he said.

Chairman NAB said that the accusation that NAB’s activities had hampered business activities was a “lie”. According to the NAB chief, he held a meeting with the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry officials but they could not point out any instance where NAB’s actions had affected business activity in the country.

“If NAB law is black then why didn’t previous governments scrape it?” he asked. “Every evening we hear that NAB is a black law but we are not told what is black about it. There is nothing black about NAB, you [critics] only say that because you are at the receiving end.

“The people who say that NAB and economy cannot go together are wrong,” he declared. “Instead they should say that NAB and corruption cannot go together but NAB and economy can.”

“If there was something wrong with NAB, wouldn’t the Supreme Court have blasted it apart?”

Commenting over plea bargain law, he said: “If one can get Rs 90 out of looted 100 what is wrong in it, however,  some reforms required in the law.”