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Woman Attempts Self-Immolation against Jirga Decision

Bahawalpur (August 2, 2017): A  woman along with his husband and two children attempted self-immolation against what the family said cruel decision of a local Panchayat (village council)

As per details, a local Panchayat allegedly imposed Rs6 lakh fine on a man accused of theft in Ahmedpur Sharqia.

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Following the decision the man, the woman attempted self-immolation by pouring petrol on her and her children and husband at Ahmedpur Chowk.

However, people present at the Chowk, saved the family while taking timely action and doused the flames.

The affected family was shifted to a local hospital where they are being treated for burn injuries. Medics said that the condition of the injured was out of danger.

It is to be mentioned here that Panchayat or village council, which has no legal authority, have been triggering angers across the country through their cruel and disgusting decision.Recently a village council in Multan had ordered revenge-rape of a teenage girl on allegation that her brother raped a 12-year old sister of the rapist.

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