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Woman Suicide Bomber Areested in Balochitan, Confirms Govt

Balochistan government spokesman Farah Azeem Shah has revealed that foreign hands are using Baloch women and preparing them for suicide attacks.

Talking to the presser in Islamabad, Farah said that the Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) arrested the woman along with her accomplice from the house during the operation in Turbat.

She further said that the arrested woman Noor Jehan and her accomplice belong to ‘Majeed Brigade’ which is a sub-organization of the banned Baloch Liberation Army (BLA).

During the operation, a suicide jacket, Kalashnikov, 9 kg explosives and 6 hand grenades were recovered from the house. A case is being registered against the woman and she is being interrogated, she added.

The court remanded the woman and her companion for 7 days, Farah said.

Farah Azeem Shah further said that the arrested woman Noor Jahan revealed in the investigation that female suicide bombers were being prepared in Balochistan and ‘Majeed Brigade’ was preparing women for the suicide attack and the wife of killed terrorist Aslam alias Achho, is leading them.