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Women Infighting Led to Chaos in Farooq Sattar Presser

Karachi (July 16, 2018): The press conference of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM-P) turned into women battlefield when an affected woman demand solution of her issue and in response MQM party workers tired to silent her.

The affected women have the view that he had approached MQM leadership to solve her issue regarding vacant of government quarter, however, they had not solved the issue after the passage of a long period of time.In Response party women worker tired to silent her, however, that led to chaos and MQM women workers hurled slaps and pushed the affected women and her supporters.

Meanwhile, some MQM women tried to close the camera in an attempt to halt footage of the scenes as some women raised the slogans of shame, shame.

Talking on the occasion Farooq Sattar alleged that the affected women and her accomplices were the workers of PSP and they tried to spoil his presser.He said previous governments have not done anything for the employees, however, MQM will not let allow anyone to dragged out any employee from their homes.

He ensured that MQM will get the case to court and will fight for them.

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