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World Blood Donor Day

Web desk(June 14, 2018): World blood donor day is being observed today all across the world including Pakistan. The main objective of this day is to highlight the importance, issues and life-saving benefits of blood donation.

Every year, thousands of patients lose their lives due to lack of availability of blood in hospitals and medical centres. On the occasion of world blood donor day, WHO provides awareness especially to developing countries regarding the importance of regular blood donation and how it can save hundreds of lives every year.According to the report by WHO, 73 countries are still lacking the concept of blood donation and its convenience. There are 60 nations, who are fulfiling blood needs of its people with mutual blood donation and are content.In Pakistan, there is an annual need of around 32 lakh bottles of blood, but due to lack of awareness among people, only 18 lakh blood bottles are donated.Blood is required by patients during major surgeries and life-threatening diseases, unavailability of which during crucial moment can result in the death of a person. Helping someone by donating blood at that moment, can result in a new life for them.

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