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World Demands Nobel Peace Prize For Pakistani Premier

WEB DESK: People from across the world are demanding to award a Nobel peace prize to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan for his decision to release the captured Indian Pilot here on Friday.

After Imran’s decision to release the captured Indian Airforce officer Abhi Nandan people are demanding to award him a Nobel peace prize and started a trend on twitter which is now on top. A petition demanding to award him the most prestigious award of peace has now reached 35000 signatures across the globe.

American actor Jeremy McLellan wrote on his social media account: “Can we take Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize away and give it to Imran Khan?”

Senior Pakistani journalist Mazhar Abbas also took to the twitter and wrote, “If PM, Imran Khan manage to bring peace in Afghanistan and succeeded in improving ties with India, he can be a strong contender for Nobel prize for Peace. What do you say?”

Indians are also demanding to award him the Nobel peace prize.

Indian Filmmaker Ram Subramanian also expressed his views on his social media handle by tweeting: “What some people can’t get over is the fact that @ImranKhanPTI has won the hearts of people all over India right now and is a bigger name than our own PM.”

Another Indian in his tweet wrote, “Last but not the least, we need an educated and sensible PM, not a jingoistic warmongering idiot. By adding that, I wonder what was achieved by Atalji and MMS certainly they were not warmongers!”