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World Hepatitis Day is Being Observed Today

Web Desk (July 28, 2018): World Hepatitis World Day is being observed today all around the world. According to reports of the world organizations, second most number of Hepatitis patients are reported in Pakistan, highest being Egypt, while Punjab has the highest rate of disease on National level.

Hepatitis B and C, are most common disease with highest mortality rates worldwide. After liver is attacked, the patient moves slowly towards the death. According to the report of 2008, Pakistan has the second-highest rate of spread of Hepatitis, after Egypt. One of every ten people in Pakistan is patient of Hepatitis.

According to medical experts, the major causes of spread of hepatitis includes non-standard blood transfusion, contaminated syringes and surgical instruments. Medical experts says that Hepatitis is a fatal disease, but timely diagnostic and treatment can help in controlling the disease.

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