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World Including Pakistan Celebrates ‘Mother’s Day’ Today

WEB DESK: ‘International Mother’s Day’ is being celebrated in Pakistan and across the World today (Sunday) to pay reverence to the personality under whose feet lies the paradise.

Mother’s Day is celebrated to honour the mother in the family, as well as her motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.

It is being said that mother is like a tree that whether or not gives fruits definitely provides shade to her children to ward off weather no matter how merciless it may be.

We, on this day, take a look back at our mothers who are such an immense bundle of ‘selflessness’.

They are understanding, compassion, teacher, companion, an ever-present shoulder to cry on in times when needed being someone who has no match, no substitute and no replacement.

On this special day, children all across the globe express their love, respect, and reverence to the person who brought them to the world, their wonderful mums.

The day meant to pay homage to Mother was first celebrated in by American Anna Jarvis in 1908 in West Virginia.
However, the U.S.-derived modern version of Mother’s Day has faced criticism for having become ‘too commercialized’. Founder Jarvis herself regretted this commercialism and expressed views on how that was never her intention.