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World Music Day Today

Web Desk (June 21, 2018): Music is the food for soul. World music day is being celebrated worldwide today including Pakistan. Its purpose is to promote love, peace and brotherhood.

This day was first celebrated in 1982 in Paris, France. After which, every year music lovers celebrate 21st June as ‘World music day’. On this day, musicians and singers shows off their talent to world.Subcontinent is not new to the tradition of music and its classical singing leaves great impact on listeners. Apart from that ‘Ghazal’, ‘Geet’, ‘Folk’ and ‘Playback singing’ are also quite popular here.

The tradition of music in the subcontinent is very old. This art had got here a long time before the Mughal era. After ‘Amir Khusro’ , ‘Tansen and Baiju Bawra’, ‘K.L.Saigal’, ‘Mukhtar Begum’, hundreds of classical singers of the past became honest of this art.Beautiful dimensions of classical include Thumri, Dadra, Kafi and Khyal singing, whose fans has decreased over time, but it did not make any difference to the greatness of these dimensions.

After the partition of subcontinent, Noor Jehan, Mehdi Hassan, Ahmed Rushdie, Masood Rana and many others made millions of people crazy from their songs.Alam Lohar, Shaukat Ali, Nazir Begum, Suraiya Multanikar, Reshman, Pathanay Khan, Abida Perveen, Sain Akhtar, Arif Lohar and others are part of Folk music who promoted this art to great peak.

There is another genre of music called ‘Qawwali’, with the shining star Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, whose beautiful voice and songs are popular worldwide and still today he is favourite in every part of world. In Qawwali, Ghulam Farid Sabri, Aziz Miyan along with many others made their fans worldwide.Starting from Michael Jackson, now the journey has spread to stars like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, who are gaining popularity throughout the world.

World Music Day is a beautiful attempt to tie the people living around the world in a chain of peace, love and brotherhood through music.

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