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World Refugees Day observed today

World Refugee Day is being observed today  to show solidarity with displaced persons around the world who compelled to leave their home towns due to war, violence and scuffle between world powers while United Nations Human Commission for Refugees (UNHCR)’s issued annual report number of refugees around the world estimated at 65.3 million.

As per the  UNHCR report the numbers of displaced persons reached to record high at 65.3 million and five million persons is more than the previous year warning that if wars around the world not ended the number will reach alarming stage.

According to the report every 113th person of the world is homeless while state of refugees in Europe is in dilapidated stage where displaced millions people from Syria and other countries are in living in open sky with hunger.

The report further said that a lot of people lose their lives in sea journey while the most of displaced persons applications have been received to Germany, however, refugees are facing hatred and resistance in other countries of Europe.

The UN has appealed and urged to world leaders for cooperation to tackle refugees’ crisis.