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World Should Fulfill its Promises to Kashmiris: FO

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Office spokesperson Dr. Mohammad Faisal said the international community should play its role to fulfill its promises regarding granting the right of self-determination to Kashmiris.

In a press release on the occasion of Kashmir Black Day, the FO said: “On this day 72 long years ago, Indian forces landed in Srinagar to occupy and oppress the innocent people of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJ&K) in a clear violation of international law and norms.”

The FO spokesperson said: “On 5th August, same India has endeavored to rob the people of IOJ&K of their last semblance of independence and autonomy by indulging in shambolic, illegal fraudulence and by accepting to lead to a demographic change in occupied Kashmir.”

“For almost three months now, the Kashmiris have been prisoners in their own homes, aliens in their own land and unwelcome on their own roads,” Dr Faisal said, adding: “The whole IOK has been turned with a de-facto prison.”

Director-General South Asia and SAARC highlighted that despite Indian spin doctors’ best attempts, the world has taken notice. India has been called out, criticized and castigated by friend and foe alike. The entire international media has come forth and called out India’s shame democracy and bogus egalitarianism in unison.

“India should realize it cannot fool the world forever and that its tried and trite accusations of terrorism, while simultaneously being the principle perpetrator of it, have little import with the international community,” the statement stressed.

In spite of the horrendous Indian atrocities and apathy on behalf of a large part of the international community, the brave people of Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir have demonstrated exemplary resilience and grit in the face of Indian aggression, it added.

“I would like to assure my Kashmiri brothers and sisters, that not only do we commemorate their exemplary grit and spirit on the occasion of the Kashmir Black Day,” the spokesperson said.

He added: “We also reiterate our firm and continued political, moral and diplomatic support to the people of IOJ&K in their grand struggle until they achieve their legitimate right of self-determination as per the United Nations Security Council resolutions.”