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World’s first robotic table tennis coach designed

A Guinness World Record holding robot is ready to teach you how to play table tennis.

Omron Corporation has developed a robot named FORPHEUS (Future Omron Robotics Technology for Exploring Possibility of Harmonized aUtomation with Sinic Theoretics) which has won the Guinness Record titled, ‘first robot table tennis tutor’ owing to its ‘unique technological intelligence and educational capabilities.’

The robot does not only play table tennis exceptionally well, but it also teaches its students the game by projecting an image of where the ball will land. The advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence capabilities even allow the robot to assess the students’ gameplay and rate them. The robot then tailors its teaching lessons by its assessment.

The cutting-edge motion and vision sensors enable the FORPHEUS to track all movements during the match. An array of cameras situated above the table follows the ball 80 times a second.