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World’s Smallest Man

Kathmandu (January 25, 2018): A 72-year-old Nepalese man who made big claims to being the smallest man in the world has finally been confirmed as a record breaker.

A doctor and Guinness World Records official headed to Nepal to measure Chandra Bahadur Dangi to confirm his height of 21.5 inches (54.6 centimeters), shorter than the length of a broadsheet newspaper, where they declared him the world’s shortest person.On Sunday, Guinness presented Dangi with two certificates for being the world’s shortest living man and the world’s shortest person ever recorded in Guinness’ 57-year history.

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How low? A nurse crouches to the left and an official to the right as Chandra measures up… at just 22 inches tall.Anxious wait: The ruler is placed against the old man’s head as officials confirm what he has always believed – that he is the smallest man on the planetChandra Bahadur Dangi, a 72-year-old Nepali poses with his certificates after being declared the world’s shortest man by Guinness World Records officials at 21.5 inches.


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