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Zafar Hijazi Shifted from PIMS to Prison

Islamabad (July 25, 2017): Former Chairman Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) Zafar Hihazi, who is the main accused of tampering record in Chaudhary Sugar Mills has been shifted from PIMS to FIA prison.

FIA has restarted investigation from him, however Zafar Hijazi still binds his stance of refusal record tampering.

He told FIA that he has not tampered the record and even no one has given him directions in this regard.FIA officials have some barriers in probing him as PIMS doctors instructed to give him some relaxation during investigation as he is a diabetes and heart patient. They also directed not use hard ways by high ups.

However, he has been provided medicine as per doctors direction. FIA officials said during the investigation on some stages he became ill that led to halt probe.

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