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Zardari Gives New ‘Slogan’ To Party Workers

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad High Court on Thursday extended the interim bails of the former president Asif Ali Zardari and his sister Faryal Talpur till June 10.

As per details, a two-member bench of the IHC comprised on Justice Amir Farooq and Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kiyani heard a case pertaining to the fake bank accounts.

The interesting situation emerged in the courtroom when former president pointing out one lawyer asked him to tell why he is taking so much interest in the case?

The lawyer replied, “I am here to learn the law.”

After getting the extension in the interim bail from the IHC, the PPP co-chairman given new slogan to party workers and chanted slogan, “Pakistan Khapey, NAB Na Khapey” (Want Pakistan, but not NAB).