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Zardari Granted Bail Extension Due to Presidential Polls

Karachi (September 04, 2018): A banking court extended the bail of former President Asif Ali Zardari in a money laundering case. The court adjourned the hearing till September 25.  

According to details, hearing of money laundering was conducted in banking court, as the hearing went under way today, Faryal Talpur along with other accused appeared before the court, however, Anwar Majeed and Abdul Ghani Majeed were not presented in the court.

Zardari’s lawyer apprised the court that his client was in Islamabad for the voting of presidential election hence he could not attend the hearing. A plea for exemption from appearing in court was submitted by Zardari’s lawyer. Accepting the exemption plea, the court adjourned the hearing till September 25. Earlier on September 01, Former president Asif Ali Zardari submitted bail bonds. The former president furnished bail bonds of Rs2 million and signed documents.

Earlier on August 31, Local Banking Court granted interim bail to the former President and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari in connection to a money laundering case.

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Responding to a question regarding Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar’s surprise visit to Pakistan Peoples Party leader Sharjeel Inam Memon’s hospital room, Zardari said, “What can we say in a country where the chief justice conducts raids.”

When asked by a reporter that he has reservations to the chief justice’s tours but not with alcohol being found in the PPP leader’s hospital room, Zardari said, “I just know that are thousands of cases pending before the SC which should also be pursued.”In response to a question about the presidential election, the former president said, “May be Maulana Fazl will withdraw from the contest.”

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“We are ready to face the trial,” Zardari’s counsel added.

The case was adjourned till September 4.

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