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Zardari Woos Journalists In Support to Topple PTI Govt

ISLAMABAD: The former president and co-chairman Asif  Ali Zardari lurked journalists assuring his support in current media crisis if they support him in toppling Imran Khan government.

Talking to media, after attending the Kashmir Conference, the former president said that the media was passing through a difficult time, however, he will assist them to put out from the crisis, however, journalists should join hand with him to get rid of the from PTI-lead government.

Commenting over Kashmir situation, Zardari said that all the parties should join hands for the Kashmir cause.

Asif Ali Zardari vowed, “We will Don’t let  Kashmir in India’s and will snatch it,” and added that the demand of the Kashmiris could not be pressed.

He lamented on undemocratic government said that dictators always damage the Kashmir cause.