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Experts warn; Pakistan’s economy on the verge of collapse

Revealing Pakistan’s economic condition education miniseter Sindh Jam Mehtab Hussain warned that Pakistan’s economy has deteriorating and was going to collapse in next 10 years.

” Education is linked with economic prosperity but the education sector in Sindh is underperforming despite the fact that Rs700 million of the province’s annual development budget has been allocated to the education sector,” Dahar said while addressing the inauguration ceremony of a conference, titled ‘International Conference on Transforming Economic Development: Policies and Strategies’, organised by the Applied Economics Research Centre (AERC) at the ICCBS, Karachi University.

“Pakistan has been divided into haves and have-nots classes,” he said adding that Pakistan was facing enormous challenges such as illiteracy, poverty, inequalities, corruption, energy and governance issues that have had a direct negative impact on the economic development and growth of the country.

AERC director Prof Dr Samina Khalil has also same point of view and says “Pakistan is heading towards a social and economic hurricane that will cause great damage,” adding that the economic hurricane will sweep away much of the current economy and Pakistan’s assumptions about the future.

The three-day conference aims to devise development policies and strategies for the transformation of the economy of Pakistan, explained Dr Khalil. A total of 32 research papers will be presented in the conference.