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Foreign investors confidence is improving due to prudent economic policies of govt: FinMin

Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb has underlined the need for Public-Private Partnership and privatization to accelerate economic growth in the country.

Speaking at a pre-budget seminar in Lahore today, he said foreign exchange reserves have increased significantly and confidence of foreign investors is also improving due to prudent economic policies of the government.

The Finance Minister said a larger and comprehensive program with IMF will bring permanence in macroeconomic stability and structural reforms.

He said talks with IMF mission team will commence tomorrow.

The Minister said the value of the rupee has appreciated and the inflation rate is also declining.

He said the business community will have to play its important role in strengthening of economy by enhancing the tax base.

The Finance Minister said the government would limit its business only to strategic and essential SOEs under its domain however, privatization of loss-making SOEs would be a priority.