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Hamza Rejects Ayesha Allegations, Says ‘Fake Story’

Lahore (August 5, 2017): The spokesperson Hamza Shahbaz rejected the allegation leveled by Ayesha Ahad and said that the whole story is fake and fabricated,which created by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI).

“PTI has created the Ayesha Ahad character to use against Hamza,” spokesperson said in a statement issued in reaction of Ayesha Ahad allegations.

Hamza’s spokesperson termed the allegations heap of lies and alleged that Imran Khan has become morally “bankrupt”.

He also said that Ayesha Gulalai’s allegations against Imran was a undeniable realty as Imran Khan never denied.

Earlier Ayesha Ahad, reportedly former wife of Hamza Shahbaz, claimed that the Hamza is neither Sadiq nor Ameen and that she also has text messages to prove that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) could not guarantee sanctity of women within the party.

Addressing press conference in Lahore with PTI women leaders Yasmeen Rashid and Firdos Ashiq Awan,  Ayesha Ahad claimed that his story was painful and sad as she was facing severe problems.

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She claimed the son of Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif married her with a lie in 2010, adding that she will present the evidence against him in ECP, not media. She hoped for a decision in her favour, complaining that no committee was formed to investigate her case. She said Nawaz Sharif is standing behind the same door as she was in the past.

Talking to a press conference in Lahore, she claimed Hamza Shahbaz is neither Sadiq nor Ameen, adding that the whole Sharif family had teamed up to defend the lies. She demanded a probe of her case with Hamza Shahbaz under another such committee. “Goons of Maqsood Butt were used to terrorize me,” she said while assuring that she doesn’t represent any political party.

In her plea, she requested the judiciary to listen to her concerns as she was knocking the court s doors for over seven years. I don t want any position or money, she said specifically.

She went on saying, “I am beaten on roads by them and I am knocking the door of courts for justice for several years but never been heard yet.”

Ayesha alleged that she was forced to write ‘Hamza is not your husband’ and even PML-N female workers beaten her with shoes.

She demanded a transparent parliamentary committee should be constituted to investigate issue like Imran Ayesha Gulalai committee.

“When will Mian sahib set up a committee for his daughter-in-law” she questioned. “Isn’t there any law for Hamza?”

“I am going to election commission against Hamza Shahabaz as I have enough evidence against him to proving that he is not remain Sadiq and Ameen,” she claimed.


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