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Heavy Rains Lash Many Punjab Cities, Islamabad

Islamabad (August 25, 2017): Heavy downpour with gusty winds lashed Rawalpindi, Islamabad and other cities of Punjab on Friday morning.

According to Met Department, in all 70 millimeter rain was recorded in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

The heavy rain resulted flooding in low lying areas of Rawalpindi where rescue activities are in progress.

The water level at Nullah Lai has overall risen by 17-feet. At Katarian, level of water of Nullah Lai has been recorded at 8 feet while at Gowalmandi it is 12 feet deep.

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Meanwhile, flight schedule at Benazir Airport Islamabad has been effected by the bad weather.

Many flights were delayed causing travelers great inconvenience. Karachi-bound flight 373 of national flag carrier Pakistan International Airlines’ Flight No.373 to Karachi was cancelled while dozens of other domestic and international flights remain delayed for hours.

The heavy rains have flooded the low-lying area in Rawalpindi. More rains are expected to lash the twin cities in next 24 hours. The staff and workers of Water and Sewerage Agency (WASA) Rawalpindi are put on high alert while heavy machineries are being sent to low-lying areas to drain out the rainwater.

Works are underway in Sadiqabad, Muree Road, Jama Masjid Road, Committee Chowk Underpass, Rahmanabad, Syedpur Road, and other areas of Rawalpindi to drain the rainwater. Director WASA Raja Shaukat Mahmood are personally monitoring the rainwater draining works.

Heavy rains also lashed Sialkot where 78.4 millimeters of rains flooded the city.

Rains in various areas also turned weather pleasant in Lahore.

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