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Imran demands PM resignation after telling lie in parliament

The Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan criticizing prime minister Nawaz Sharif demanded that he should be resigned over telling lie on parliament flour as government has he fear if correct ToRs  made PM will be exposed.

Addressing to a ceremony of Insaf Professional Forum PTI chairman said that the five members of the Sharif family expressed their reaction over London flats but four of them told lie while one has revealed half truth but after passage of three months there was nothing regarding Panama leaks as NAB only catches small fishes and not clutches the PM.

“The nations those have separate laws for poor and rich  destructed as justice should be started from PM and if someone wants to eliminate corruption the accountability will be started from upper class,” he said added that even British Queen and princess all follow the law that caused the prosperity there.

He further said that the PM lie was showing he has hidden assets and if we would not come out on street than who will do such a protest.