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Imran’s sister apologizes Maryam Nawaz over Friday incident

LAHORE: They say that don’t believe in hearsay, likewise Imran Khan’s sister Dr. Uzma Khan had to face problems for assuming the security protocol as Maryam Nawaz protocol and she apologized from Maryam Nawaz over leveling accusation, saying that Asim Gujjar family’s misrepresentation forced them to do so. Uzma Khan also requested Maryam Nawaz to accept her apology.

Uzma Khan has realized her mistake and she officially sought apology over her statement regarding Maryam Nawaz.

Uzma Khan wrote apology letter to Maryam Nawaz, saying that she is ashamed of her statement over statement regarding Maryam Nawaz protocol, adding that Asim Gujjar family’s misrepresentation forced her to do so.