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Israel bombarded Gaza from South to North climbing the death toll to 35,300

Occupied Al-Quds: Israelis terrorism continued in Gaza as bombs were bombarded from South to North.

The areas came under attack included Naserat, Jabalia and Rafah. While number of casualties turned 35,300 whereas 79, 261 others were sustained injuries. Thousands of people deprived of water and food.

The number of people migrating from Rafah have climbed to 7 lakhs. Israeli military has intensified its bombardment of Jabalia camp.

Israel’s lawyers argued at the United Nations top court that the country has the right to move ahead with a full-scale offensive on Rafah in southern Gaza.

Thousands of Palestinian civilians in northern Gaza are cut off from water and food after a week-long Israeli incursion that has led to heavy casualties on both sides.

Israel plans to deploy more troops and “intensify” its ground invasion of southern Rafah where hundreds of thousands of Palestinian civilians are sheltering in the war-battered city.

An estimated 630,000 people have fled Israeli attacks in Rafah in the past week and another 100,000 in Gaza’s north.

At least 35,303 people have been killed and 79,261 wounded in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7.

The death toll in Israel from Hamas’s attack is 1,139 with dozens still held captive.