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King of U-turn will also escape from court: Daniyal

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League leaders have rejected PTI allegations against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, while Minister for Information Technology Anusha Rehman said that neither Prime Minister owned any flat in London, nor any offshore company, while Danial Aziz said that U-turn master and king of stubborn will now escape from the courts as well.

Addressing a joint presser in Islamabad along with Special Associate to Prime Minister Barrister Zafarullah and Danial Aziz, Anusha Rehman said that all the allegations leveled on Prime Minister are just allegations, adding that PTI could not provide any evidence regarding any allegation. She said that the facts were presented in distorted form. Prime Minister did not mention any of his child dependent under him.

Meanwhile, PML-N leader Daniyal Aziz said that Imran Khan had escaped from his accusation of 35 punctures, adding that anyone with clear and transparent background can talk about accountability. He said that why Hamid Khan said in the court that he has no evidence, while PML-N had its stance from the first day and is still standing firm on that stance.

Barrister Zafarullah criticized Imran Khan, saying that we have not hidden behind the court hearing, adding that all facts have been presented before Supreme Court; hence Imran will have to face embarrassment once again.