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Lahore: Zeenat’s brother arrested over burning his sister alive

Lahore: Police arrested the brother of girl who was burnt alive over love marriage, while the accused deviated from his statement and accused his mother for the crime.

Few days earlier, 17-year old Zainab was burnt alive in Factory area of Lahore over love marriage, on which police had arrested the mother of girl and her relative, while her brother had escaped after the incident, after which police raided in Nishtar area and arrested Anees.

According to police, the accused Anees admitted to be involved in killing his sister. Meanwhile, talking to media, Anees rejected all charges, saying that he cannot even think of burning his sister, adding that Zeenat was like his daughter. He said that he tried to prevent his mother to burn Zeenat, but she forcedly burnt his mother and closed the room.