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Major Crackdown Needed Against Big Fishes: Samsam

LAHORE: Provincial information minister Punjab Samsam Bukhari has said that major operation required against mega corruption

“The people who caused the menace of corruption are trying to cure it,” he made these views while commenting on the announcement of all parties’ conference by the opposition parties.

Provincial information minister Punjab Samsam Bukhari said the entire nation witnessed the opposition’s crocodile tears.

Provincial information minister Punjab Samsam Bukhari said that Prime Minister Imran Khan statement proved to be right in which he had said that “those people will get united who looted and plundered the nation”.

He said that the opposition wanted to run away from the country and get rid of the corruption cases they are faced with adding that money laundering facts revealed in media are known to everybody.

The provincial minister said that Imran Khan will never compromise on the corruption while PPP and PML-N will lose its credibility in the protest against the government.

On the other hand, the provincial minister also released a cheque of Rs 0.5 million for singer Heer Singhar for her treatment as she has been suffering from cancer for one year.