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Murad’s Ministry Achieves Milestone As Earned Rs 43 Billion Revenue In 11-Month

ISLAMABAD: For the first time in the country history almost one year expenditure of a ministry turned zero as Federal Ministry of communication under the dynamic leadership of Murad Saeed did not expend any single penny from the national exchequer.

The federal government has released the 11-month performance report of the ministries, according to which the ministry of communication earning rose by 51 percent and its revenue touched Rs 43 billion in just 11 months.

The performance report informed that in previous government minister and parliamentary secretary received millions of rupees as TADA as ex-minister of the ministry received a sum of Rs 3.591 million while the parliamentary secretary received Rs 4.852 million.

A heavy amount of Rs 12 million has been spent on petrol and vehicles in the ear of PML-N government, the report added.

The ministry of communication, Murad Saeed on driving seat recovered Rs 7 billion in its 11-month and submitted to the national exchequer on contrary the previous govrnment did’nt recover any single penny while the incumbent government recovered money through encrochment.

The federal government report also stated that a modern system introduced in the ministry for transperency in the projects of the communication ministry while the transperency increased by e-billing, e-tendering and mobile apps.

The report also highlighted the efficiency of the ministry as the projects started in the previous government will be completed within three to six months.