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Nisar Urges PML-N To Aviod Targeting Forces, Judiciary

Taxila (December 09, 2017): Former Interior Minster Chaudhry Nisar once again diatribe on his party government and said that PML-N should not target armed forces and judiciary as it was not in its favour, which will cause the loss in next election.

“I am not leaving party and no forward block being created in the party,” Ch Nisar said while talking to journalists in Taxila.

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Former interior minister said that all political parties, the media, the army and other institutions need to come together to end the politics of sit-ins across Pakistan.

“If the country is to move forward and progress in a positive direction, we need to leave the politics of sit-ins behind,” he said.

Nisar was of the opinion that a precedent seemed to have been set, wherein powerful groups, some with considerable militant power, stage a sit-in and lay siege to Islamabad.“If we need to stop Pakistan from turning into a banana republic, political parties need to drop the politics of sit-ins.”

“This does not happen in democratic countries,” Nisar noted.

The former interior minister said that there were two sit-ins during his tenure, and he had issued strict instructions to the authorities and protestors regarding the sensitivity of the Faizabad interchange.

“I faced a lot of backlash over my decision to allow the protestors to proceed to D-Chowk. However, if they had occupied Faizabad, it would have completely paralysed the twin cities,” Nisar quipped.

“I am not against sit-ins. They are a basic right in a democratic country. But if the sit-in disturbs the day to day lives of ordinary citizens, it should not be allowed.”

“What is the fault of the poor labourer who has to go to work and earn for his family? Or of the people across the city commuting about their daily business?” Nisar asked.

Nisar said he had talked about the Faizabad sit-in with Prime Minister Abbasi, and conveyed the concerns of the people of Rawalpindi and Islamabad to him in person.

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