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No evidence found regarding Orlando shooter’s connection with IS: US President

US President Barack Obama has said that there is no any concrete evidence found up till now regarding Orlando shooter’s link with Islamic State (IS) although the investigation is carried out thinking the incident as terrorist activity.


Giving a briefing over the Orlando massacre the US president said that Umar Mateen had said that he is loyal to IS in last moments of the attack but initial investigation said that his connection with the terrorist organization IS could not be found and it seemed that it is incident of local extremism.


The US president said that it is likely that the shooter has impact of terrorist videos spread on internet however it is not found that he is part of any big plot.


Barack Obama said that it is now become mandotary to cope with terrorist groups  access to arms and it must be ensured that arms could not be in access of harmful people.


Before that Orlando Police Chief John Mina said that one of police personnel tried to stop the assailant and after that many police personnel also had reached to the spot when the shooter was spraying the bullets.


The Police chief said that the police personnel opened fire on Umar Mateen after that he entered into toilet and he made people hostage where people were hiding.


John Mina said that at the time Umar Mateen was talking to police and he declared himself supporter of IS.