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No One To Point Fingers If Lawyers Correct Their Conduct: CJ

LAHORE: Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa has said that nobody can point fingers if lawyers maintain a positive attitude.

Addressing a ceremony in Law college of Lahore Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Asif Saeed Khosa said that “Medical and law professions are very sacred as a doctor treats human body in the same way a lawyer treats illness of the society.”

Justice Khosa said that “when I was a student of law in England I thought that the pocket behind judge pocket is for sheltering rain but later on I came to know that the purpose of the pocket is to receive an amount from the client on his capacity.”

The CJ said that once upon a time lawyer, judges used to enjoy respect while a change in attitude brought change in respect.

He urged that the respect for each other can be gained while bringing change in attitude adding that command on law necessary to become a quality lawyer.

He said that a quality lawyer could not complete his arguments without knowledge of the spirit of the law, history and purposes adding that to plead case one should have command on a good dictionary, literature and mathematics as well.

The CJ said that a case could be prepared with hard work in better style.

He said that a lawyer has an exemplary role in any society while he (lawyer) strives for the betterment of society.

The CJ said that lawyers have a wide area of services with respect to other professions.