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Pakistan Witnessed Second Lunar Eclipse of 2017

Islamabad (August 9, 2017): Pakistan witnessed the second Penumbral lunar eclipse of the 2017 on Monday night, said the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD).

According to PMD, the lunar eclipse took place at 8:50 and partially lunar eclipse at 10:23. The maximum lunar eclipse was observed at around 12:00 and the process completed at 01: 51.

Residents of Asian countries including Pakistan, Europe, Antarctica, Africa, and Australia witnessed the eclipse. A penumbral lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, the earth, and the moon align in an almost straight line.

Since the moon is above the horizon during this eclipse, so with good weather conditions the entire eclipse should be visible with naked eye. In this scenario, the earth blocks some of the sun’s light from directly reaching the moon’s surface and covers all or part of the moon with the outer part of its shadow, also known as the penumbra.

The first lunar eclipse of the current year was visible on February 11 from 3:34pm till 7:53pm.

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