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Pakistan’s economy outlook at its peak in 6years history

The international firm has signaled that Pakistan’s economy outlook has reached its peaks in 6 years history following the restoration of peace and political stability that attract not only local investors but foreigners as well.

According to economic report issued by association of 196 multinational companies OICCI the present government policies has left positive effect on investors and foreign investors confidence in Pakistani business witnessed increase of 46 per cent while over all increase was recorded 55 per cent.

According to the survey political stability and improving law and order situation along with sharp and gradual slump in petrol prices have created business opportunities.

On the one hand the business environment for local and foreign investors improved,  but on the other hand 14 per cent decrease in energy crises have stopped the rapid moving growth rate by one per cent while the sit-in staged by PTI from August to Dec 2014  has become the barrier in the fast moving development economy that caused the decrease in foreign direct investment.

Report also claimed that the issue surfaced in Panama leaks has created strong concerns in foreign investors and now economic experts suggested that Pakistan should overcome political crises to take economy back to track.