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People in Florida celebrate Fidel Castro’s death

People took to streets in Miami and other areas in the US early Saturday morning after the death of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro was announced.

Cuban-Americans have been pictured celebrating as the world reacts to the death of iconic Cuban leader and communist revolutionary Fidel Castro.

The passing of the controversial figure has prompted mixed reactions from around the world.

People in Little Havana in Miami drove up and down beeping their horns in celebration. Salsa music could be heard blaring from car stereos as people set off fireworks.



Castro was credited with bringing healthcare and education to millions of Cubans, bringing the island nation’s literacy rate up to 99.7 per cent.

But the revolutionary also ruled as a dictator, crushing dissent by imprisoning and executing opponents, curtailing personal freedoms and forcing thousands to flee to the US.

Many in the Cuban-American community have been seen celebrating the death of the man they saw as a despot who drove them from their homeland.



Within half an hour of the official announcement of Castro’s death, Cubans in the US turned out in the streets to celebrate.

Pictures coming in from Florida show people waving Cuban and American flags, driving up and down beeping their horns and hugging each other in the street.

Florida is the closest point in the US to the Caribbean island, leading many of the exiles to settle there – many after fleeing in rickety rafts. Many died on the perilous journey, and many never returned to see their homes and families.